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Adhoc IT Support Essex & London

Our Adhoc IT Support

Our ad hoc IT Support is our Pay as You Go solution for those who ad hoc support suits better.

Our Ad-Hoc IT Support offers IT Support as and when you need it, with hourly rates suited to your needs and business.

  • Remote Support

    Our tech team will be able to login to your machine to give assistance when you call us. We use a range of remote software to help us connect.

  • Telephone Support

    Calling our team is one of the quickest ways to get support, we can give you advise over the phone or use the phone call to help us connect to your system.

  • Purchasable Hour Blocks

    Hour blocks are handy for any business to know that there is a block of hours useable with us. Meaning you can call in at any time and use these prepaid hours to gain support.

  • Ticket Submission

    Submitting a ticket to our system allows our tech team to follow up and give IT Support when needed.

Adhoc IT Support
Adhoc IT Support

What Is Included?

Our Adhoc IT Support is built in such a way that we offer complete remote and onsite IT Support meaning we are on hand when you need us. Offering expertise in many fields we are able to support a wide range of hardware and software to give you the full service your business needs.

Our Adhoc IT Support give you the piece of mind that you can call us and get support when you need it with no contract, giving you the flexibility, however you may decide to keep using our services to maintain a complete and successfull business.

However if you find that further down the line an IT Support package will suit your business better you can always upgrade to one of our Managed IT Support Packages.

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How It Works

The process of Ad Hoc Support is very similar to the Managed IT Support. When a problem arises you can either send a ticket into our managed ticket system and the team will respond to let you know that have received the ticket and give you a time frame of when the issue will be resolved, again this will depend on the issue itself.

Or if the problem is more urgent then you always give us a call on 0203 302 2101 to speak to us directly. If you require onsite support, hardware, etc then you will need to give us a call to discuss what is required first before any work is carried out.

Adhoc IT Support

Our Partnerships

We have a wide range of tech partnerships to allow us to give an even better service.
  • Office 365
  • Gsuite
  • AWS
  • Adobe
  • Zoho Assist
  • Zendesk