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Cloud Backup Essex & London

Our Cloud Backup Services

Cloud Backup from £9.99 per month, offering failover Backup space for your data.

Providing Cloud Backup Solutions that are effective, reliable and affordable.

  • Secure Backup

    Security is number 1 for us, we save all data sent to us securely in our data centers.

  • Fast Transfer Speeds

    With our 1Tbps speeds we can upload and download data from our servers exteremly quickly. This means your data can be recovered at speed.

  • Encryption Avaliable

    As an extra service we can encrypt all data that is sent to our servers for safe keeping.

  • Multi Location Backup

    We dont just save your data in 1 location, once sent to our servers we then send it to 2 other locations for safe keeping.

Cloud Backup
Cloud Backup

What Is Included?

Our Cloud Backup offers a solution that ensures your business has securely saved critical data available for immediate restore in the event of loss or failure.

It can be as simple as a system crash, a nasty virus or even something as simple as accidental file deletion, losing your vital data can be bad for any business.

A Flexible backup solution for your business, whether you are a local business with just a handful of employees in Essex & London or a major player in the heart of London Valiant IT will find the ideal online backup system that suits your business.

If cloud backup isnt what you need right now but simple cloud storage is we also offer this service - Click here to find out more.

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Our Partnerships

We have a wide range of tech partnerships to allow us to give an even better service.
  • Office 365
  • Gsuite
  • AWS
  • Adobe
  • Zoho Assist
  • Zendesk