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DDOS Protection Essex & London

Our DDOS Protection Services

DDOS attacks are becoming more and more common to larger businesses in the UK and around the world.

There's no need to break the bank on our DDOS Protection Services, we have a range of affordable DDOS Protection Solutions for your business.

  • DDOS testing

    Our support packages allow you to choose a short term or long term support package. We also give you the option to add extra services at any time.

  • DDOS Website Protection

    Every month as part of our IT Support packages, our technicians will provide reports of any problems or issues that have been fixed or are ongoing.

  • DDOS Network Protection

    Our Tech team can implement strategies and hardware to protec your.

  • DDOS Redirection

    After much testing we have now released our new software that allows us to actually redirect DDOS attacks back to its source.


What Is Included?

Denial of Service attacks continue to grow in sophistication and force: more distributed, greater volumes of traffic, and encroaching on the application layer.

A successful attack increases unnecessary costs on your infrastructure and IT/security staff. More importantly, it hurts your revenue, customer satisfaction, and brand.

Which is why you should think about DDOS Protection Solutions for your business, here at Valiant IT we provide DDOS Protection Services to suit your business and its needs, ensuring you are protected from any unwanted attacks.

Our services involve a variety of different aspects, with each service provided personal to the client and their business as we know no businesses infrastructure is the same, so if you are in need of some advice and guidance to help protect your business get in touch today.

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Our Partnerships

We have a wide range of tech partnerships to allow us to give an even better service.
  • Office 365
  • Gsuite
  • AWS
  • Adobe
  • Zoho Assist
  • Zendesk