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GDPR Readiness Essex & London

Our GDPR Services

With services starting as little as £99 we can make sure you are fully compliant in a few days.

It is important to be GDPR compliant, but we know that is difficult to do on your own. Which is why we are here to help with our affordable GDPR Readiness Services.

  • Flexible Support Packages

    Our support packages allow you to choose a short term or long term support package. We also give you the option to add extra services at any time.

  • Monthly Reports

    Every month as part of our IT Support packages, our technicians will provide reports of any problems or issues that have been fixed or are ongoing.

  • 247 Monitoring

    Our systems will monitor your network and systems 247, alerting us when and if there is a problem so we can act directly as quickly as possible.

  • Proactive IT Support

    Our technicians are always looking to improve your system and upgrade/update any issues before they arise. This helps both the customer and ourselves.

GDPR Image
GDPR Image

What Is Included?

The statistics show that organisations have had to travel a significant distance from their starting point to levels of acceptable GDPR compliance.

Now that we're in a GDPR live environment, we have developed a readiness test to run against your business to make sure you are up to date and ready to run.

Our test is carried out to determine whether there is anything you are missing, if you are missing anything we will then suggest the solution to ensure you are GDPR compliant. We can then help you carry out these solutions in order to make sure you are 100% ready to go.

Don’t delay this process, it needs to be taken soon as not being GDPR compliant will have an affect on your business, call us today on 0203 320 2101 to have a conversation about how we can help get you GDPR Compliant.

All of our Website Designprojects are covered under the GDPR readiness process.

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Our Partnerships

We have a wide range of tech partnerships to allow us to give an even better service.
  • Office 365
  • Gsuite
  • AWS
  • Adobe
  • Zoho Assist
  • Zendesk